02 October 2015

Website localization: how to localize a website

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There are some tips that will help you to realize website localization successfully

Website localization: how to localize a website

If you thought that website localization is the same as a simple website translation, you would be wrong. Translating the website is not all that needs to be done. For native-speaker users, the content of your website is everything.  Website content is considered to be essential to the customers’ decision-making, so you have to speak the same language as they do, and to think the same way as they do. The content of your website, as well as the web-design elements, must be understandable and must be in the line with the users’ cultural experience. 

Website localization tips

Translating a website is not an easy task. After you have decided on the essential markets for your product or services and you have chosen the necessary languages, what next? Where do you start? If you don’t have a clue about what to do next, because there are lots of website translation services, then it’s better to hire a professional website translation company.

According to statistics provided by Entrepreneur, clients are four times more likely to purchase from a company that delivers their message and communicates in their own language. Moreover, users tend to stay on a localized website twice as long as on a website that is not available in their native language.

Tip №1 Professional website translation

Hire a company that provides website localization services or an agency that specializes in the translation of websites. They translate not only the content, but also pictures and other design elements that influence website usability.

Tip №2 Website localization: cultural meaning

In different cultures, colors and images symbolize different things and can be understood in different ways. For example, the color yellow symbolizes wealth, but in Brazil it is associated with sickness. So, think about the main color of the website and its associations in another countries too. The same thing happens with images. Take this into consideration when ordering translation and localization services. 

Tip №3 Cultural differences

Things like telephone numbers or contacts through which your customers can get in touch with you. Understand the language that citizens of other countries speak. For example, if your workers speak German, make sure that they deliver a clear official massage to the clients as Germans do.

Tip №4 Localize website navigation and layout

Translation, especially translation of buttons and the main divisions of a website, may require more or less space depending on the language. Where to put these buttons, which pages are more important, how to make website navigation simpler – these questions should be taken into consideration when ordering website localization services.

Tip №5 Website localization testing

Usually, companies that provide website translation service also ensure website localization testing. This comes down to functionality testing and linguistic testing.

As you can see, website translation is not a simple task. If you want to deliver a clear message to your customers in their native language, it’s best to use website localization services. 

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