13 September 2019

Voice-Overs from the most common Languages to the rarest ones - Nuer, Fijian or Tonga

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Voice-Overs from the most common Languages to the rarest ones - Nuer, Fijian or Tonga











Certainly, top requested languages in voice-over among our clients are English (US and UK), Spanish (EU, Neutral, Latam), French (EU and CA), Chinese Simplified, German and Italian.

But, it’s impossible to deny that sometimes we record interesting projects. For example, as a client you can request to record in English with a Hindi Accent, or English with a Bahasa Indonesian accent. Or, you can always ask for rare languages.

When we deal with African languages for example, 80% of them will be recorded in Arabic, Swahili, Amharic, which are widely spoken within Africa. But, sometimes there are voice recording projects in Nuer - language, spoken by Nuer people who live in South Sudan and Southwestern Ethiopia (around 3 mln speakers in total). We hold also voice-over in Acholi, commonly spoken in South Sudan and Northern Uganda (there are less than 2 mln speakers in total).

Let’s turn to another part of the world. Do you know where’s Fiji? These small Fijian islands in Oceania speak English and Fiji as their official languages. Around 340,000 people speak Fiji as their mother tongue, and other 320,000 speak it as a second language. Thinking of Fijian voice recording? We have professional voice-over talents in Fijian to supply all your needs in this language too!

Or, have you ever heard about Marshallese language? The language is spoken by about 44,000 people in the Marshall Islands, and in the USA there are about 6,000 people speaking Marshallese and around 22,434 with Marshallese origins. Most of these Marshallese people live in Hawaii and Arkansas.

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