16 April 2021

TTS recordings in more than 40 languages

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If you record TTS projects, our team is already handling TTS recordings in more than 40 languages!

TTS recordings in more than 40 languages

We established close relations with professional voice talents and aligned in-team audio editing and QA processes. Important to note, the talents have professional home studios to record (that are tested by us).

Our audio editing team delivers cleaned, cut, and named audio prompts according to your requirements. We have all the necessary technologies and people ready! Each voice talent provides a CV, indicating experience, age, city of origin, and a custom demo to meet your requirements.  

TTS recordings in any accent of Spanish and English, Italian, German, French, Korean, Arabic, Chinese Mandarine, Japanese, and more than 40 other languages on your request! 

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Localization and Translation, Voice-Over, TTS-recordings, Transcription, Subtitling, Video and Audio Editing, Animation, and more available to you. In Any Language.

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