21 September 2015

TOP 5 actors that you might not know do commercial voiceovers

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David Duchovny, Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas and others have done comercial voiceovers

TOP 5 actors that you might not know do commercial voiceovers

While everyone wants to skip television commercials when watching their favorite TV show, that hasn’t stopped international companies investing millions of dollars in advertisements. And they prefer to invite famous actors and actresses to do professional commercial voiceovers. 

TOP-5 actors do commercial voice overs

1.David Duchovny and Sibirskaya Korona

The commercial for Sibirskaya Korona beer, in which David Duchovny (known for his roles in X-files and Californication) played a central role, notched up more than 1.7 mlllion views on the Internet during its first four days. If that’s not a record, it easily could be.

2.Morgan Freeman and Visa

Morgan Freeman, a famous actor, may be best known for his role in “Voice of God”, but he successfully uses his voice in advertisements for Visa.

3.Antonio Banderas and Nasonex

Antonio Banderas has taken part in an animated series of advertisements that feature his typical sexy accent as the voice of a bee who is looking for allergy medicine. Although these ads may have seemed a little strange, the sexy voice of Banderas saves the situation.

4.Pierce Brosnan and Lipton tea

Everyone loves the James Bond film series. Pierce Brosnan was one of the most best-loved James Bond actors. He has become not only a representative of Lipton tea, but also a recognizable voice in TV advertisements.

5.Zach Braff and Cottonelle

The famous actor, writer and director Zach Braff has participated in several marketing campaigns for international companies. In one of them he acted as a voiceover talent for toilet paper ads. Zach Braff’s commercial voiceover embodied a puppy’s voice.

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