18 September 2015

Subtitle translation – how to organize the process?

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Among the main subtitle translation services there are: subtitle translation for commercials, video-games, videos, TV programs

Subtitle translation – how to organize the process?

Subtitle translation services are the services performed by professional subtitle translators, who use modern applications and tools to deliver any type of project within an agreed time period. 

Among the main subtitle translation services there are:

  • Subtitle translation for commercials
  • Subtitle translation for video-games
  • Subtitle translation for videos
  • Subtitle translation for TV programs, etc.

Subtitles are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. They may be useful for viewers who are deaf and have problems with hearing the dialogue or who are foreigners studying languages.

There are two main ways to translate subtitles: machined, which involves using automated translating programs, or by professional translation carried out by specialists that are fluent in both languages.

Accent Network uses its own program when providing subtitle translation services. It is a program that simplifies the subtitle translation process. Due to its simplicity, our translators can deliver any project on a tight schedule. There are several steps to follow:

1)Load the source SRT and save Presub

2)Wait while our translators do their work

3)Receive and confirm results.

And that’s it. By using this application we have managed to effectively organize the subtitles translation process.

Advantages of using our subtitle translation program:

  • Save time

This application halves the time taken in comparison to subtitles translated in a text editor.

  • Save money

This subtitle translation process simplifies things, reduces time and therefore saves your money.

  • Get an accurate translation

With the app, our professionals translate subtitles line by line. So they pay attention to each phrase and sentence. The app also provides a way for an external third party to add comments without compromising the source file.

  • Get localization within translation

Accent Network professionals do not just translate subtitles; they adapt translated subtitles to another language, also considering cultural differences, history, modern slang and local sense of humor.

Accent Network provides professional translation services, including subtitle translation. Our app offers the subtitle translator a very simple environment in which to translate line by line, following strict standards. By doing this, we guarantee fast, low-cost and high quality subtitle translation. 

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