13 February 2023

Quick Facts about Thai language

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What do you know about Thai language?

Quick Facts about Thai language

Fact #1 - Thai language is spoken in Thailand.. and Laos (mutually intelligible languages), and the USA (around 80,000 immigrants). Overall, it is spoken by more than 40 mln people around the globe. 



Fact #2 - Thai is a tonal language with five different tones, 44 consonants and 36 vowels. It makes it hard to learn. 


Fact #3 - Many Thai words are borrowed from English.

Tinglish or Thaiglish is the imperfect, macaronic form of English that has developed due to language interference from English.

Fact #4 - In conversation with Thai people, body language is an important factor. They consider the head to be sacred and the feet to be dirty.  Remember, not to touch Thai people's heads, as it is considered to be rude.


Fact #5 - Thai language is written from left to right. Many believe that it is derived from the Khmer script


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