29 February 2016

Multilingual subtitling project – 24 videos in 6 languages!

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We’ve finished another subtitling project in 6 languages!

Multilingual subtitling project – 24 videos in 6 languages!

The client sent us 4 videos and asked us to make and burn in subtitles.

What we did:

- We transcribed the audio and identified the subtitles' timing;

- When the timing was approved by the client, we sent them the subtitles and gave access to our subtitles translation app;

- The client sent us back the translated subtitles and we burned them onto the videos. We also coordinated the font, color, size and position of the subtitles, as well as the requirements for the final videos.

The result

Within about 2 weeks we finished the subtitles and delivered 24 videos with burned-in subtitles in 6 languages (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean and Spanish). The client was very pleased with the professional subtitling services provided by Accent Network.

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