31 July 2019

Live Directed Sessions: How to prepare and How to do them

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Live Directed Sessions: How to prepare and How to do them











One of our main objectives at Accent Network - is to avoid re-recordings with clients. Why? Because unnecessary re-recordings lead to over budget spendings and generally, they are extra time consuming.  

Why pick-ups happen?

1) After the first round of QA is done, some recordings corrections can be required. It’s a simple human error, or a lack of guidelines to record the script.

2) Corrections or changes in the scripts. This situation occurs when the QAed recording is sent to the client, who after listening to the recordings decides to update scripts.

To avoid the above listed situations, we always pay client’s attention to provide strict and clear guidelines for our voices to record:

  • To provide with professionally localized and adapted to a new language script without any mistakes;

  • To send pronunciation instructions, how to spell acronyms, foreign words, names, or where to put stress in difficult words in some languages (like Russian, for example), etc;

  • To include punctuation marks and/or right intonation in the script;

  • To provide timing, if it’s timed voice over recording, or dubbing.

When you provide these simple guidelines, you can have up to 50% of projects success, while other 30% depends on how the voice talent understands and implements them, 19% depends on the final QA, leaving 1% for extra circumstances.

But the best way to avoid unnecessary re-recordings is to organize a directed session with the voice talent, the studio and you, your linguists and clients.


The Live Directed Session can be organized in 2 different ways:

By Skype

All Directed Session participants are connected to one line using skype.

By “phone-patch”

We provide a phone line with a special code for phone meeting, which you and your clients need to call at a specified time.


How to prepare for a directed session

  • Before Directed Sessions, check your timeline.

  • Check your mobile devices charge. Sometimes the recording sessions take as long as 1 hour (or more), so your phone or laptop should be 100% charged.

  • Check your Internet or phone connection. It’s better to join the session 2-3 minutes before the stated time. Our team with the voice talent will be already waiting for you on the line there.

  • We will send an email notification 30 and 10 minutes before the directed session starts.

  • Our team will also send you the phone number or skype, and clear details on how to join the directed session line.

  • Be ready to have the script in front of you!


What to expect from the directed session

The main aim of the directed session is to join the voice talent at the studio with the voice manager and linguist, who can guide the talent “in live” during script recordings, telling him about the pronunciation, intonation, speed, emphasis required. Sometimes at directed session clients also decide to change the script on the way. This is the best way to avoid pick-ups in future and to leave your client 100% satisfied. It’s also a good option to record broadcasting projects.

The directed session feature is always free of charge to all our clients. You can request it together with a quick free quote.  



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