31 August 2017

How to Make a Screencast for Your YouTube Channel, Website or Application

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How to Make a Screencast for Your YouTube Channel, Website or Application











Screencast videos are one of the most high demand videos on YouTube . Regardless of your business, providing instructional videos (for PhotoShop, After Effects, or any other software), or how-to videos using screencast videos can be a great marketing opportunity. 

Using screencast videos is a great way to show app or software users the benefits they provide, and how to make the best of them.


Apps for Screencast

There are lots of applications to shoot a screencast video, but Camtasia Studio, IceCream, Screen Recorder, and Adobe Captivate are the most popular apps. Before choosing the software for your screencast videos, you need to make sure that your screen dimension is enough to provide a good quality picture, and that it works well on your operative system (Windows, iOS, Android, etc).

 3 screen cast

Your Screencast Software Will:

Allow you to record your screen actions and commentary;

-          Include customizable screen dimensions;

-          Record voice and clicks;

-          Allow you to follow your mouse,and highlight  it;

-          Include video dimension settings (resolution, color, codecs, bitrate, framerate, etc.);

-          Allow you to save your video using common video file formats (mp4, mov, etc.);

-          Allow you to zoom in/zoom out;

-          Have editing options.



Steps for Screencast:

           Install the screencast software;

2.     Prepare a plan and a script including what you want show on the video;

3.       Open your screencast software, apply settings for your video;

4.       Shoot your video according to your script, and save it. Remember!: it’s easier for you to record each step of your video separately;

5.       Edit your video using a video editing software (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc.), add animation effects in After Effects;

6.       Add voice-over to your video, making sure that the voice and the video are well synchronized;

Render your video, review it, and publish it.

       screencast apps






Tips: What You Should Know

-          In your screencast video, voice-over is as important as the video itself. You can find professional voice-over demos and book them on our website, where you can also learn why a professional voice is crucial for your videos.

-          Add logo, pictures, other kinds of video or notes to your videos, so that information can be more easily perceived.

-          Add a pinch of humor J

Good Voice-Over for Videos (Including Screencast)

Professional Voice-Over is an essential part of your video. Audiovisual components help your viewers understand the instructional or presentation video better and faster. Of course, adding your voice can significantly reduce the budget, but voices that are not provided by a professional and without the necessary audio equipment, can hinder understanding and reduce the effect of the whole video. Voice professionals will guarantee that your message is delivered in the right way  and all you have to do is provide a script and hire a professional voice-over talent. Search for voice-over talents on our website, or request demos, and quote nowscreencast video voice

Translation – Subtitling

Once there is a first video, think about the amount of viewers or users you can reach if you translate your screencast video. There are two ways to translate videos – by adding subtitles or voice-over in another language. The most popular languages to translate videos into are English (US, UK), Spanish (Castilian, Mexican, etc.), French (EU, Canadian), German, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Thai, Korean, and Russian. Read more about subtitling and subtitle translation using Translating Box.


Once the video is ready, publish it on YouTube, Vimeo, send it to clients via e-mail, publish it in social media, etc. Promote it using all available marketing tools.

Producing a good screencast video is not an easy task. Video production requires good and powerful equipment, modern software, video editing and designer skills, and especially, if you want to reach more viewers/software users, quality voice-over and translation.

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