29 September 2015

How to go global?

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When you think that you are ready to go global, the first thing you will want to know is how to go about it.

How to go global?

The global market provides new potential clients and, therefore, sales and revenue growth. But if something goes wrong, global growth can become daunting. If you want to make it rewarding and to make all your expectations come true, read this article about the steps that you can take to receive revenue from global growth and the importance of website or software localization. 

Going global is not as hard thing as most people think. And moreover, if you offer an invisible product – such as a game, application, software or service – in some cases it is not important to be physically present in new regions. You can do it all by Internet.

Check the local laws and possible financing campaigns. Read carefully about e-commerce laws in the selected country and find out which government financing campaigns you may be suitable for. Moreover many countries offer financial support to export companies and their services/products.

Decide the niche of your product. Does it have competitors or is it new to customers? What makes it different?  It is important for a new product on a new market to have strong points or to at least be differentiable from existing products.

Think of your website. Make your website available by translating or localizing it into other languages. Website localization can be an essential step. And frequently check your email! Many customers send requests to the email addresses on websites and more than half of it is never been answered! Don’t miss your opportunity.

Localize your project. A very important point. It doesn’t matter how good your project is if it is not available in the native language of the market you are aiming at. It can make your additional attempts to promote the product worthless, because not everybody knows English! Think about the official language and other languages that are spoken within selected regions, and order software localization (or any other project).

Localize your marketing campaign. When planning a marketing campaign in another country it is not just important to translate it, it is really important to localize it. For this, it is better to turn to a professional localization company. This concerns not only the traditional means of advertising (TV/radio commercials, billboards, newspapers, flyers, etc.), but also Internet marketing. Think about Google Ads, SEO, SMM, forums and blogs, and order translation and localization services. 

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