22 September 2015

Have you heard of the Xhosa language?

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See the interesting case our company faced

Have you heard of the Xhosa language?

Some days ago, our specialists worked on a very important project – voiceover recording in the Xhosa language. When it was delivered, our managers, as always, started to check the file to eliminate the chance of any mistakes made by the voiceover or sound engineer.

They were very surprised when they realized that the recording was full of clicks and claps. It was especially interesting because the record in English was absolutely clear. Our managers contacted the sound engineers to take a look at the file and make sure that those noises were fixed.

But in reply, the sound engineer just sent a link.

You can check for yourself and see what it was about:

All those clicks and claps were features of the Xhosa language!

The Xhosa language is one of the most widely spoken languages in South Africa. Almost 8 million people speak Xhosa today. It is a tonal language with two inherent tones: low and high. One of the most distinctive features is the prevalence of click consonants. The word “Xhosa” also begins with a click. In total the language has 18 clicks.

Accent Network deals with lots of interesting projects. And professional voice recording in Xhosa was one of them.

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