23 October 2015

Have you heard of the K'iche' language?

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The Popol Vuh is written in Classical K’iche’.

Have you heard of the K'iche' language?

K'iche' is the second-most widely spoken language in Guatemala, after Spanish. Despite this, only about 7% of the population speaks it. Philologists classify it as a member of the Mayan language group.

K'iche' is considered to be an ancient language, originating more than 4,000 years ago. The Popol Vuh, a famous book that is known as the sacred book of the Mayans, represents Mayan mythology and history. The book is written in Classical K'iche'.

The K'iche' language

Nowadays the K'iche' language is spoken by the natives in Guatemala and is widely used in media and education, especially on radio and IVR.

But these are the facts; let's turn to the practice.

IVR recording in K'iche language

Not long ago, the Accent Network team collaborated on project in the K'iche' language. It was a big IVR project that we completed with great success. To listen to this ancient Mayan language, click here.

Accent Network deals with many interesting projects every day. And professional IVR recording in K'iche' was just one of them.

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