07 July 2017

Choosing Professional Voice-over Talents: Human Voice Can Really Make a Difference

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Choosing Professional Voice-over Talents: Human Voice Can Really Make a Difference











A good-voice over is an essential prerequisite for a good video. The audio content plays the same crucial role as the visual input. Since all audiovisual components have an effect on the viewer, they are just sides of the same coin. Whereas for advertising and broadcasting a human voice is a must, on the flip side, many people think that for explanation videos, e-learning or IVR they can use a machine voice. Of course, using a machine will eventually cut the budget. However, what could the real costs of depriving a video of the naturalness of a real voice be? 


Let us get into the details about why it’s important to hire a professional voice-over. Human voice will: 

1. Add Emotions and Expression

A good voice actor has the power to grab listener’s attention having an effect on listeners’ emotions. Depending on your needs, a voice actor can evoke almost every human emotion –from grief or boredom to happiness and desire. human voice over talent

Moreover, the way we express things is a fundamental communicative feature, if a given script is read stressing certain words accordingly and with intonation changes, it will always more effective.

2. Add Personality

Whereas a machine will produce a consistent monotonous sound, a voice talent will be able to adapt their voice to suit your needs, adding intonation to speech. Intonation creates a special melody that will grab your listener’s attention. A particular combination of pitch, tone and modulation will add a unique personality to the content, animating your video, app or audio guide. So choosing the right voice over actor will allow you to convey the right message made by humans and sent to humans.

3. Inspire Credibility

Voice-over both makes a given content available to the viewer or listener, and plays a crucial role in your audience’ taking action. But if it is not convincing, there will be no action at all. How could your content be reliable when the voice that is communicating it is not quite credible? human voice over actor

Evidently, human voice sounds more genuine and convincing than machine voice. So, your chances of gaining your audience’ trust are much higher if your content is communicated by a human. 





4. Adjust to Target Audiences

Once you identify a specific group of people as your audience, pick a professional voice actor for your video, bearing in mind your audiences’ characteristics and preferences. This way, your content will sound more authentic and will be more intelligible to them.

According to some research made by Malcolm Gladwell, the audience will understand the message and the depth of your brand better if you choose the right narrator. So, the voice that you select should convey your brand values, product’s aim of usage, and feeling of what clients gets in return. The voice should speak on behalf of the whole brand.

Remember, voice-over is a key feature for your audience to take action, make a wise choice!

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