30 September 2015

A way to boost sales in the USA: Latino consumers

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The Latino market is considered to be the most promising market segment in the United States.

A way to boost sales in the USA: Latino consumers

The Latino market is considered to be the most promising market segment in the United States. If you are looking for ways to boost sales, but you are not yet ready to cross borders, why not target your product to the Latinos living in the USA. 

According to some estimates, over 40 million Latinos live in the USA today. More than 66% of all Latinos who live in USA are originally from Mexico, and 14.5% are from Central and South America. Latinos represent more than 13.4% of the total US population. In comparison, Asians represent just 4.3%. These figures will be helpful if you are deciding whether to order an English to Spanish translation of your website or not.

More than 50% of Latinos in the USA live in Texas and “Mexifornia”. The cities with the highest Latino populations are: Los Angeles (7 million), New York (4 million), Miami (1.7 million), Chicago (1.6 million), Houston (1.6 million), San Francisco (1.4), Dallas (1.3) and San Antonio (1.3).

For targeting purposes, it is important to know that the Latino population is younger than US population. The median age of Latinos in the US is 25. And median age of the US population is 35 years old.

Work with the media to tell the story of your project. Find a balance between two markets – US and Latino.


In Spanish you will be able to tell the story in a deeper and more meaningful way. Order English Spanish translation.  

There are currently more than 500 newspapers and magazines published in Spanish in the USA.

TV and Radio

Univision and Telemundo are the 2 oldest and largest Latino networks. Among cable TV channels, the most popular are Mun2, SíTV, Gol TV, LATV, Fox Sports en Español, ESPN Deportes, CNN en Español, Galavisión, etc. In the USA there are over 600 radio stations in Spanish.

Latinos do their shopping online just like everyone else. Localize your online presence and advertise on the Internet. In this case, you will need Spanish voice overs or Spanish voice over services.


More than 14 million Latinos in the US use the Internet on a regular basis. The most popular websites are Univision.com, Terra.com, AOL Latino, Yahoo and MSN.

According to research, Latinos tend to spend more time on the Internet and generate more page views than non-Latinos.

Remember, Latinos love forums and chatting, so you can easily use these tools when promoting a product or service.

Speak their culture

Advertising in Spanish and planning Spanish Content Marketing is not enough to reach the Latino audience. Localize your project and localize website, speak the same language as they do. Use the variety of tools that Latino cultures enjoy – music, talents, communication, colors, etc.

More statistics:

After localizing products and increasing their presence in the Latino market in the USA, the majority of companies declared 11-25% of sales growth in the following 2-5 years. 



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