Localization Visual Quality Assurance

Posted in Translation and Localization

Depending on the nature of the localization project -be it website, documentation, or software- it is important to verify the quality of the presentation of the information, so that it reflects the same, or better, quality of the source materials. Regardless of the quality of the translation of the localized product, if a phrase ends up truncated, the quality of localization is compromised. For example, if the expansion of the German text exceeds the parameters of a text box in a given dialog box-localization quality is compromised.

The visual quality assurance involves many quality checks from various members of the extended localization team. The visual checks include but are not limited to:

  • Verifying the completion of the translation. The linguist looks for adherence to fundamental language style guides and those determined by any provided style guides.
  • Verifying the integrity of the localized graphics including the sizing, file format, position within document, spacing, and references and linking tags.
  • Verifying the typography including: fonts, point size, leading, kerning, typeface, and character format.
  • Verifying the page flow and number and cross-references between text and the Table of Contents and indexes.

Verifying the compiled localized software and help to make sure none of the text are truncated, corrupted, or incorrectly formatted.