International IVR, Telematics and MOH

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For more than a decade, Accent Network has been providing quality international script translation, software localization and voice recordings for the IVR, Telematics and MOH industry.

More than 15,000,000 words translated and/or recorded for the main world brands say we can make your company's audio applications shine in any language

What is IVR?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the technology that automates the interaction between your telephone system and your callers. IVR is a very effective tool to reduce costs of low level customer support inquiry calls, common sales or booking platforms. It also brings a level of professionalism to the brand and allow customers to help themselves instead of having to 'wait for the next available representative'.

Extending these capabilities to clients that prefer to communicate in a language that's not native to your company can mean enlarging your market considerably. But getting these applications to 'talk' and 'listen' in another language involves much more than just translating the script to be recorded.

For example, IVR systems are not just passive messages that the caller listens to like in Message On Hold. These applications are based in software that concatenates hundreds of 'prompts' (little chunks of words) to create its messages depending on the context and the function required.

Accent Network has trained teams of translators and linguists to deal with the intricacies of IVR systems and makes the whole process from translation to recording a seamless operation you can rely on. Your callers won't even notice that the IVR has been translated.

Common IVR applications we've localized include:

  • Mobile — Pay-As-You-Go account funding; registration; mobile purchases, such as ring tones and logos
  • Banking — balance, payments, transfers, transaction history
  • Retail & Entertainment — orders, bookings, credit & debit card payments
  • Utilities — meter readings
  • Travel — ticket booking, flight information, check-in
  • Weather forecasts, water, road and ice conditions