Interconnected Project Management

Articles related to how our technology partner, bCommunities, allows us to to offer unparallel integrated support to our customers through a platform that allows both us and our clients and providers to keep their own data while collaborating with others. 

It includes a recap on our history as a technology company, success stories and benefits using this technology will bring to our partners.

Total Project Control

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Here's what our clients experience when working with us:


  • They log into a platform (through their browser or a desktop app) that gives their organization total control of their employees, projects, hierarchical tasks, communications, clients, providers...
  • Some choose to use it only to manage their work with us. Others adopt the platform to accomplish a number of other business goals.
  • In less than 15 seconds they have created their project and are adding tasks to it.
  • Some tasks are internal, others are assigned to their Accent Network project manager.
  • As they're about to create a task, they choose whether it's a possible future task they want to let us know about or a definite task they want us to start working on at the appointed start time.
  • Within a task, they set deadlines, source and reference files, and language pairs and send them to Accent with the click of a button.
  • Once we receive an automated email with all the details and file links, we click on the Accept Task button right on our iPhone.
  • Client then gets an email notification confirming we've accepted the task for the dates he selected.
  • Should we have any questions, client gets an email she can just reply to right from Outlook or her Blackberry.
  • We generate a quote that client gets to accept or reject from the email notification as well.
  • All communications get preserved as project documentation automatically.
  • Once Accent uploads the deliverable files, it only takes a click for the system to send an email with links to the files to client.
  • The task shows up as completed in client's dashboard as she updates her integrated microblogging widget to tell only her colleagues and business partners about another successfully completed language project.
  • We create a new task right within their own project with our invoice as a deliverable and wait patiently for that very important last step in the project's life-cycle... paytime!

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