29 March 2017

Subtitles: Don’t Spoil Them!

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Top 10 mistakes in subtitling, and the ways to avoid them

Subtitles: Don’t Spoil Them!

Subtitling is a form of art; by means of subtitles we can recreate and express both people’s voices and whole communicative contexts. As audiovisual products have reached a great amount of people by means of subtitles, subtitles have had a huge impact on society in the last years. What’s more, they’ve made it possible for us to access different sources of entertainment (movies, video games, and series). So, it’s very important to create them and to translate subtitles (if needed) as best as we can.

27 December 2016

What Are Subtitles?

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All Information About Subtitles: What Are They, Formats, Types, Ways of Usage