03 December 2015

Voice-over talents, translators, proofreaders… Building an international multimedia team

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How to find the best candidate among the ocean of professional voice-over talents and translators?

Voice-over talents, translators, proofreaders… Building an international multimedia team

You deal with voice-over talents, translators and a variety of specialists from all over the world when looking for a new member for your team, but how do you know whether he or she will fit in?

Start with crafting your application requirements and include specific instructions. This provides your candidates with the necessary information, and it will also show you whether they pay attention to details and can follow specific directions.

This is also the place to set the tone of the organization.

Being genuine and setting realistic goals from the beginning are key elements to the successful resolution of your search; partly because it is always better to exceed initial expectations.

If your target is a professional translator

Here is a tip for your quest to find exceptional translators to join your team (because we are sure that those are the ones you are looking for :) include some sort of exercise or test in the application process, usually after having identified qualified candidates.

There is nothing new about this idea, but the more effort you put into it, the more realistic a picture you will get, especially if you work in a specific field, like subtitles' translation.

The exercise should not be too lengthy, but should be long enough to provide the applicant with a real feel of the job, while providing the employer with enough information to make decisions on whom to invite for an interview.

- choose the right requirements

- give a heads up about the company

- test them

Now, if your target is a professional voice-over artist...

First things first: check their credentials. Real voice-over talents will know how to really get inside the meaning of a script, not just read the words on the page. They understand the subtleties required to turn written words into a compelling audio track.

To really know your voice-over artist's capabilities, it is best to listen to a sample of their work. Ask the artist where you can access one. It would be even better if they could do an audition, especially if your project is a longer form of narration (e.g. IVR or e-learning). Ensure you can provide feedback regarding the style and pace of the reading.

Whether you are looking for a voice-over artist for commercials, TV, radio, video or translating, define the purpose of the message accurately.

Let's talk about bonuses here:

There is one more important parameter for a voice-over artist - the studio.

A lot of extra arrangements are taken care of if your artist has a studio - it simplifies the process greatly, and more urgent orders can be fulfilled. This is not an obligatory element, but it definitely adds a point.

- Check credentials

- Check out their samples

- Audition

- Studio

We are talking about hiring employees remotely, so it is important to remember that once they are part of your team, they will not be able to receive the usual kind of "watch and learn" experience. So when you hire someone, make sure that they get the full picture of how things are done at your company structurally, and how the business process is arranged, helping them understand the part they play.

Remote working is a quite special type of job: you must be a little bit of a psychologist, but defining people who will fit for it is mostly just common sense.

Certain character traits must be present, but the major things are responsibility and availability, (being easily reachable is extremely important for each member of the team). Management in remote work is less visible, but quite essential.

During the interview with the candidate, evaluate their work environment:

Is this place quiet enough, or are there a lot of distractions, such as roommates or family?

The opposite is not always good though, because isolation can also be an issue.

As the final round of the interview, it is good to introduce your candidate to other colleagues and have a group interview:

Due to the specifics of remote working, your team must communicate even better than their in-office colleagues. This way you can also get more feedback and see if your choice performs well in this context.

- give a clear picture on how the work is arranged

- personal qualities

- checking if conditions are right

- introduction to the team

We can say that the process of hiring a remote worker is much the same as is if you were hiring an in-office employee, the difference is in the platform you use. Setting clear goals and expectations, being open and providing all the necessary resources are key elements to achieving your goal.

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