13 October 2015

The cheapest way to create promotional videos

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What is the cheapest way to create promotional videos?

The cheapest way to create promotional videos

Video is a key tool for any business. Creating a promotional video depends on many different factors and can cost a lot of money. What are the cheapest ways to create promotional videos?

A promotional video is a video that presents a company, product or service. It typically lasts up to 90 seconds and explains the benefits of the promoted items. According to surveys, up to 65% of customers think that companies should have promotional videos.

The cheapest ways to create promotional videos

STEP ONE: Imagine a future video

Write a script. This is an essential step, and the first toward preparing a video of any kind. The future success of the video depends on your script. A good script should:
-Catch attention
-Explain the benefits of your business
-Be informative, brief and exact
-Keep people engaged and spark interest
-Contain a call to action
Studies show that your video should not be more than 90 seconds - optimal length is 30-60 seconds - and it should contain no more than 150 words. 
There are several techniques for writing a script and promotional texts:
AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) – is an advertising model that describes an event (product, company, service) in the following order: attract attention, evoke interest and then desire, lead the audience toward taking an action.
A pain formula – Using this formula you have to: create a problem, fuel the flame, provide the unique solution for hope and advice. 
PPPP (Picture Promise, Prove and Push). First of all, describe the picture and then make a promise (describe your product’s advantages, underline its necessity). Prove your promises with facts, examples and reviews from other people. And finally – push your customer toward the desired action. 

STEP TWO: Create the visuals

Visuals help bring written scripts to life. They also play other roles, for example, clearly give the message to the audience and encourage the audience to remember it.
The main question is how to portray each scene and how to convey the message in the most effective way?
Fortunately there are a lot of programs and applications that can help you to make visuals. Adobe Illustrator, for example, is the most well known program for making outstanding videos. Different online image banks sell photos and videos. Just register, choose, buy and download. You can use them in your promotional video. 

STEP THREE: Record the voice-over

When you have a script and have selected your visuals, it is time to think about the voice-over. Who will narrate your text? The answer to this question can be found in our previous articles

STEP FOUR: Edit the video 

Once you have your visuals and voice-over done, it is time to start editing the video. During this phase you will be able to add life to your future promotional video. Add effects, music and consider the timing. 

STEP FIVE: Publish your promotional video

Post it everywhere – on your website, on your partners’ websites, on relevant popular blogs. It is better to plan your launch campaign before starting to create your video. You can use all the marketing channels: Google.Adwords, YouTube, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). 

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